Botanical artist Wendy Hollender

Adding botanical art to your home, the waiting room at your business, or your office is a great way to adorn your walls. Botanical artists such as Wendy Hollender have created some beautiful images of plants such as vegetables, fruits, and trees that would look great hanging on your wall. Botanical art like the kind […]

The Beauty of Botanical Art

Long before humans could speak, they were drawing images of nature. Botanical artists continue that tradition. By showing the plant by itself, in its natural splendor, a botanical artist elevates a plant above the mundane, and into something truly sublime. Better yet, botanical art makes exceptional use of color, meeting or exceeding those in the […]

When Talking About Botanical Art Wendy Hollender is the Main Source

Botanical art is quite gorgeous in any of its forms. The entire idea behind this art form is to bring out the color, the shape, and the beauty of florals and of the natural scenery of an outdoor space. Some artists naturally have this talent, like botanical artist Wendy hollender, while others work hard at […]

Create the most beautiful botanical art

A botanical artist is someone that uses the world around them for their inspiration. They could find their cues for great botanical art in a tree, a flower, a rock or a nearby bush. All one has to do is study the work of a botanical art master like Wendy Hollender, and they will see […]

Discover the botanical art secrets of Wendy Hollender

A quick glimpse at the botanical artist website of someone like Wendy Hollender could easily give one an indication as to what kind of beautiful paintings and drawings can be produced by someone who attains a certain level of skill. Artists like Wendy hollender have spent decades developing their talent. Whether someone has been interested […]

Experience the fascinating world of botanical art

Botanical art is truly a fascinating part of the art world. By studying a currently popular botanical artists such as Wendy Hollender, aspiring sketchers and painters could see just how many different things could be done with this beautiful genre. As an artist like Wendy Hollender could easily attest to, a budding botanical artist will […]

What is botanical art

Botanical art is the art of depicting plants in an accurate way. This usually involves plant anatomy of the different plant species. A general description usually accompanies the drawings or illustrations. The art are usually watercolor paintings. These are usually printed on magazines and books, particularly reference books. Thus, botanical artists have certain knowledge of […]

The beautiful world of botanical art

Even the most serious art fan may not be too familiar with the beautiful world of botanical art. A highly skilled botanical artist is someone that prides themselves on being able to draw and paint some of the most beautiful things that mother nature provides. Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are all out there waiting […]

Beautiful Botanical Art Can Help Add a Custom Feel to any Home

For many people, placing great artwork on the walls or shelves of a home is one of the best ways to add a unique feel and set a home apart from the rest. Depending on what they prefer, botanical art can be an excellent choice. Because it is focused on plants and their beauty, botanical […]

Discover the beauty of nature with botanical art

Botanical art could be the ideal way for fans of art and mother nature to take their passions to a whole new level. Just like it sounds, botanical art is a field of art that gives the artist the freedom to paint a wide variety of things found in nature. By studying a professional botanical […]

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