Wendy hollender

Even the most serious art fan may not be too familiar with the beautiful world of botanical art. A highly skilled botanical artist is someone that prides themselves on being able to draw and paint some of the most beautiful things that mother nature provides. Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are all out there waiting to be sketched. A botanical artist like Wendy Hollender could be just the inspiration one needs to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and try their hand at this amazing style of art.

Being a botanical artist does not have to be a limiting thing. Just because one is working with things found in nature will never mean that they will end up sketching the same thing over and over again. Like mother nature itself, the world of the botanical artist is filled with different mediums. For some people, it is all about watercolors and oil pastels. For others, it could be about colored pencils and ink.

A quick look at a botanical artist like Wendy hollender could give any aspiring artist all of the info they need. Not only will they be able to purchase all of the supplies that they could ever need, but they will also be able to see how it is done. Every generation of artists has invariably looked towards the works of other artists. What some forget is that it is just as important to look at what is popular today as it is to look at what was popular in the past.

Anyone that may want to become a botanical artist will never have to look too hard for inspiration. From the grass and shrubs outside of their window to the potted plant that may have been sitting in their kitchen for months on end, there will be endless sources for a budding botanical artist to choose from. All that matters however is that they have fun creating.