Botanical artist

A botanical artist is someone that uses the world around them for their inspiration. They could find their cues for great botanical art in a tree, a flower, a rock or a nearby bush. All one has to do is study the work of a botanical art master like Wendy Hollender, and they will see that this art form is in no way limited or constrictive. Whether someone has studied art their entire lives, or they are completely new to it, they could find this method of creating to be an incredible release.

When it comes to creating botanical art, people can make use of an incredibly variety of tools. Some people may want to stick to the basics with ink, or colored pencils. Others may want to try and wade a little deeper with water colors, pastels or oil paints. The good news is that no matter what kind of paper or medium one finds themselves drawn to, they will be able to recreate beautiful works of nature on their pad or canvas.

Like impressionism, realism or abstract, botanical art is a form that can take a long time to master. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources that can be taken advantage of while one starts down the journey to master. Some people may prefer just to look through the works of other masters, while others may want to spend some time reading books about techniques. Just like is seems as though there are an infinite number of things in nature to paint, there are nearly as many ways to put it on paper.

Botanical art can become the passion of any aspiring artist, no matter what kind of budget they may have. Like other styles, botanical art is not about the quality of the tools, but the passion that one puts into it. As long as they are willing to create, they will be able to put some amazing things down on their canvas.