Botanical art

Botanical art could be the ideal way for fans of art and mother nature to take their passions to a whole new level. Just like it sounds, botanical art is a field of art that gives the artist the freedom to paint a wide variety of things found in nature. By studying a professional botanical artist like Wendy hollender, anyone can learn this amazing craft. After studying a bit and learning how to paint trees, flowers and bushes, people will discover that botanical and nature art could become their favorite way to express themselves.

When it comes to botanical art, people can find their inspiration from almost anywhere. Some people may want to start from drawing a flower pot or centerpiece from their own kitchen table. Others may want to go outside to their family garden and sketch the flowers, bushes and surrounding grass. Trees, birds nests and other exciting things found in nature can instantly become the subject of a watercolor, pencil drawing or ink sketch, as long as one has the time and patience to explore it.

Those looking to pursue their interest in botanical art may want to make sure that they use the right materials. The right pens, pencils, paint brushes can help one to fine tune their craft, especially if they plan on working in great detail. The right paper should also be used, whether one is working with watercolors or colored pencils.

Botanical art could take a short time to learn, and a lifetime to master. Even creative pros like Wendy Hollender may still say that they are looking to learn new things. For those that want to make sure they learn all of the right techniques, there are instruction books and other resources that can be used to help mold ones potential. Above all else, people should never forget that exploring botanical art is supposed to be fun, relaxing and exciting for the artist.