Wendy hollender

Botanical art is truly a fascinating part of the art world. By studying a currently popular botanical artists such as Wendy Hollender, aspiring sketchers and painters could see just how many different things could be done with this beautiful genre. As an artist like Wendy Hollender could easily attest to, a budding botanical artist will be able to find their inspiration almost anywhere that they can gaze upon a tree or flower.

Looking at the artwork of a botanical artist like Wendy Hollender could show people that they do not need to stick to one specific medium in order to create true works of art. Some people may prefer watercolors or oil pastels. Others may find their inspiration lying within a few colored pencils or ink. Whether someone draws their inspiration from Wendy Hollender or another talented botanical art master, they will never have to feel like they have to stick to just one medium to excel.

As any aspiring artist could learn, someone like Wendy Hollender could also find inspiration just by looking out their window. Flowers, bushes, trees and blades of grass could all provide someone with a beautiful setting to create with. Unlike a normal still life, people will not have to put things together. Instead, they will be able to let mother nature do all of the prep work for them. All one needs to do is just go outside, and find the perfect setting. After that, their pen and brush can do the work.

People like Wendy Hollender and other talented botanical artists do not get there overnight. It takes years of practice. The good part is that by looking at a website by someone like Wendy hollender, everyone can see just what it takes to learn and grow as a botanical artist. After that, they can start down the path and let their talent grow.