Wendy hollender

Adding botanical art to your home, the waiting room at your business, or your office is a great way to adorn your walls. Botanical artists such as Wendy Hollender have created some beautiful images of plants such as vegetables, fruits, and trees that would look great hanging on your wall. Botanical art like the kind that Wendy Hollender makes could also function as a fantastic housewarming gift for a new friend in the area. Giving someone a beautiful picture to hang on a currently bare wall is a nice way to make their new house or apartment feel more homey, and it will remind them of you for many years to come.

If you are thinking about becoming a botanical artist like Wendy Hollender, you should know that she has posted some great information about learning to draw botanical art on her web site. Wendy Hollender offers instructional materials, art supplies, on line lessons, botanical fabric products, and much more. Wendy Hollenders website is like a one stop shop for people who want to begin their careers as a botanical artist, and also for those who just want to buy or browse some beautiful hand drawn images of plants.

Stop by the botanical art web site that Wendy Hollender updates today, if you are on the fence about buying or creating some botanical art for a friend, or for your home or business. Once you see how beautiful her botanical artistry is, and once you see how approachable she makes the learning process, you might just find that you are inspired to pick up a pencil and paper, and do some drawings of your own.