Home Safety Ideas in Your Fixer Upper

If you are thinking about buying and fixing up an outdated home in need of repairs, you may need to take a second and consider the safety ramifications before you jump in. You probably prefer a fixer upper to a move in ready home for its cheaper price tag, which gives you the opportunity to […]

Tips for Taking Care of a Loved One at Home

Very few people sign up to be a full-time caregiver, however, many people find that they have been taking care of a loved one full time without even realizing it. First, you fill your mom’s prescription, then you drive your dad to the doctor, buy the groceries, clean the house, and cook a handful of […]

Trendy Home Designs in 2020

There’s no place like home. We can’t click the heels of our shoes three times like Dorothy did to get there, but we can make our home so there is nothing else like it. Life can be tough. You work hard, busy with a career, family, social engagements, and if you are really lucky, maybe […]

Want to Follow the Work of Margaret Stones, Botanical Artist?

Art, writes The New York Times, has made a significant comeback over the last few years. Specifically, hand-painted, non-digital work has seen a resurgence in popularity. Unsurprisingly, many thought the form would go the way of dinosaurs as technology came to the forefront and computer rendered art became ever more prevalent. Despite popular opinion, however, […]

Three Things You Can Learn from Botanical Artist Societies

Did you know that the earliest discovered botanical illustration dates to the year 512, in a medical book that described the difference between plants in different regions? Recently, there has been a renaissance of sorts in botanical art. Not only is it a popular form of wall art, but it also reflects concern with how […]

Contemporary Methods and Uses of Botanical Artwork

Botanical illustration artists specialize in creating scientifically authentic depictions of plant life. This means that each botanical rendering must be accurate down to the minutest detail. Although the original intent of botanical artwork was to help in the positive identification of medicinal plants, the current use for botanical artwork has not deviated far from its […]

Botanical Illustrations Bridge the Gap Between Science and Art

Botanical art has a rich history, dating at least as far back as 512 when the daughter of a Roman emperor received an illustrated work called the Codex Vindobonensis. This codex is the earliest surviving example of botanical illustration. Due to the history of this art form there are many people working to preserve it, […]

The American Society of Botanical Artists Keeps the Form Alive

Did you know that, according to Botanic Gardens Conservation International, there are botanical gardens in 148 countries across the world? North America alone plays host to over 350 of these gardens. Groups like the American Society of Botanical Artists exist in order to promote awareness of the current revival of the botanical arts and to […]

The Intricacy of Botanical Art

While any member of contemporary botanical artists society will of course have a deeper understanding of what this precise and technical art form entails than the average Joe on the street, it is probably not a stretch to say that a lot of people have appreciated this form of expression throughout their lifetime. In fact, […]

Contemporary Botanical Artists A Tradition of Beauty

Contemporary botanical artists do more than just make pretty pictures. They transcribe the story of a living organism, in exquisite detail, from hidden roots to the tips of leaves. They preserve the form and function of countless species of plant and flower, faithfully capturing the grace and grandeur of the most plentiful form of life […]

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