There’s no place like home. We can’t click the heels of our shoes three times like Dorothy did to get there, but we can make our home so there is nothing else like it.

Life can be tough. You work hard, busy with a career, family, social engagements, and if you are really lucky, maybe a little self-care time now and then. Amongst the busyness of life, one place should always be an oasis: home. Just like most things in life, our home needs an update now and then. Whether you are considering trendy home designs or a maintenance check, it may be time to look at several areas of your home to see what needs a little freshening up.

Is it Time for a Remodel?

If you are asking the question, then it may be time. There are a few common reasons why homeowners bite the bullet and dive into home renovations. A big one is the age of the home. Older homes can be charming, but they come with older issues. Some issues are cosmetic while some can be safety or health issues. Or maybe you purchased your home 30 years ago when it was very stylish. Now you find yourself looking around, wondering how you ever chose that color?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Styles come on and go, even on houses. What was trendy at one time, eventually becomes out of style. You don’t have to stay current with trendy home designs, but it might just be time for some paint swatches and wallpaper samples.

Another reason you may start considering a home renovation or update, is a new awareness of the environment and any health concerns that have cropped up. We have an awful lot of knowledge at our fingertips these days. It can be very helpful in educating ourselves about health issues. For example, in a home built before 1978, you could have lead paint on the walls. Likewise, if your home was built before 1960, there is a small risk of lead fittings around your pipes in your plumbing.

There is no need to be alarmed. You probably had a thorough inspection when you bought the home. But in the world of renovations, if you haven’t done anything yet to remedy the lead, it would be something to look into with your local plumber.

With the older age of your home, remodeling may come more in the form of maintenance. How is the roof looking? Will you need a re-roofing company? Has the siding had a thorough check by a siding contractor in the past few years? The list can go on and on when it comes to checking things out for safety and performance. In an older home, something like installing newer windows could end up saving you money in the long run with better energy bills.

Basically, there are a multitude of reasons to renovate. Big or small, you have to be all-in so you don’t quit in the middle of a home project. This could leave your home looking worse than when you started. Trendy home designs we see on television can often lead us down a path of destruction rather than construction, so be careful. Remember it is your home, even if you hire a siding contractor to work on it. Once you have decided it is time for improvements, the next big question is, “Who gets to do the work?” Yes, unfortunately, it cannot magically happen on its own. Home renovation projects take plenty of time and money. Will you become a do-it-yourselfer? Or will you call in the big guns with a contractor?

Last but not least…someone has to pay for these renovations. If you can pay cash and stay out of debt, great. If not, consider a hard money lender who specializes in commercial home renovation. They will evaluate your finances and see if you can get a loan for your home improvements. As long as you’re able to pay back the loan quickly, there should be no reason why a commercial home renovation shouldn’t take place.

DIY or Contractor

Homeowners typically spend between 1% and 4% of their home’s value on upgrades and repairs each year. That tells us that we take care of our homes pretty seriously. A little here, and a little there goes a long way.

Once you have decided to take the plunge and begin some updating with trendy home designs, you’ll need to decide who is doing them. You have two choices: either you do it yourself or you hire someone else to. Obviously, doing a home renovation yourself can save you money if you have the skill and nothing goes wrong. It will, however, not save you time and headaches.

But that doesn’t mean you should rule it out. If you’ve got someone handy to help you or you are handy yourself, it may be a great avenue for you.

On the other hand, if you are able to hire a contractor, you will have peace of mind knowing they are professionals and will get the job done well. Contractors have quick access to the best services, such as roofing services and plumbing companies. If they’re ever unable to complete a job themselves, they often have the ability to connect you with the right plumbing companies you’re looking for.

If you tackle some projects on your own, check out your local equipment rental places for things like power tools and pressure washers to make the job easier. If maintenance is the purpose of your renovation, be sure to make a thorough list of what needs to be checked, like the air conditioning, furnace, roof, siding, and more.

Consider Eco-Friendly Improvements

As long as you are improving your home, why not consider making it healthier to be in, and better for the environment? Currently, trendy home designs lean toward eco-friendly choices. That means breathing better air for you, a friendlier footprint on the environment, and oftentimes, energy savings for your pocketbook.

Some possibilities for a more eco-friendly home can be discovered in the type of flooring you choose. Certain floorings, such as laminate, are known to emit formaldehyde in some cases. Choosing an eco-friendly option will ensure your family stays safer. Upgrading your windows for less energy use is another way to save more on your monthly energy bill. Don’t be afraid to use locally-sourced materials, too. Trendy home designs are all about getting creative with these ideas.

What Is Currently Trending?

Enough shop talk about how to get the work done. Let’s talk about the fun part: checking out what is currently happening in trendy home designs. Since the heart of the home is the kitchen, we will start there.

Out with the White and In with the Color

White was once the end-all, be-all kitchen cabinet color. But now, impressive, popping colors on kitchen cabinets are sweeping the nation’s kitchens. Some even look like they look like works of art. Dark blue cabinets paired with light counters, walls, and open shelving couldn’t be more inviting. Don’t like to cook? You may just want to in a stunning kitchen like that. Don’t be intimidated. These trendy ideas are very possible to achieve.

Vintage Is Here to Stay

Now more than ever, warm and cozy vintage styles are in. We’re talking pretty spindles on chairs, warm colors, and all things that take us down memory lane and to a place that makes us feel, well…at home. Repurposing is still alive and well. Mixing a love of vintage with a passion to repurpose can lead to a useful, trendy, and comforting style throughout your home. You might want to contact your local hard money lender again for loftier projects; after all, vintage items can get pretty pricey.

Wallpaper, Yes Wallpaper!

Sure it sounds cliche, but the truth is, style is often cyclical, even when it comes to trendy home designs. Wallpaper vanished for a while, except for the occasional older home purchase. Well, it’s back, and like most things — new and improved. Wallpaper can be used to cover an entire room or as an accent wall when you find the right pattern.

An Earthy Patina

Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Imagine soft colored pottery, terra cotta pots, warm, earth-toned blankets on a cozy, neutral-colored sofa. Think of patina designs as worn to perfection and soft to look at. Inviting, never stuffy — that is an earthy patina. The thought of it may make you want to curl up with a book and relax for the day.

The Backyard Is Home, Too

Our culture is becoming more and more aware of the importance of not only physical activity, but also sharing that time as a family. You may live on 20 acres or a 20 x 20 lot in the city: either way, consider investing in your yard when making home improvements. Even our grassy areas have their place in trendy home designs.

During the warmer weather, have the backyard prepared for some fun games. Consider an attractive wooden box or small shed to hold things like pickleball accessories, baseballs, and gloves, or whatever your family enjoys. Creating a fun yard doesn’t mean having an unattractive yard. You can find ways to designate areas and store equipment rentals without losing your pretty yard.

As you create landscaping ideas, remember the backyard, too. You may go heavier in the front yard simply because it is more seen, and that is understandable. But remember, there will be times when you are out back or entertaining for a cookout and you will want to enjoy the view there. too. It is okay to get creative and come up with some new ideas. If you are a gardener, maybe you can put a cute, little fence around your garden to protect it and give your backyard a bit of a cottage-style look. The vintage style we talked about earlier can make its way outside as well. Don’t be afraid to use trendy home designs outside!

Live in Your Home

In the end, it all comes down to truly living in your home. You don’t want to just show up after work each day, and consider it simply a place to eat and sleep. Your home is most likely a tremendous part of your life, and the most common gathering place for your family and friends. Trendy home designs have their place for sure, and you can have a lot of fun with them. When it comes to your home, however, you must design it around you, your family, and your life.

We all want our home to be the place people want to come to. When considering design and renovation, keep that in mind. Check out trends and different styles to gather inspiration. Then, imagine entertaining, eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, or just hanging out in the space you are creating. If it feels comfortable, and like a place you would never want to leave, then you are probably on the right path with your home improvement ideas!

Good luck with your renovating adventures! Start small if you are unsure. You can paint a powder room in a day or pressure wash the side of the house in an hour. After a taste of how great it feels to make an improvement, you will probably want to keep going. Lists are a great way to jot down ideas when you see a need in your home. You could even keep a creative ideas journal, so every time you think of something you’d like to see improved in your home, you can jot it down before it is forgotten. Checking things off of your list one at a time can be encouraging and fun. Plus, it is a great reminder that you can do this! With some time and effort, and maybe the help of a contractor, you can have the inviting home of your dreams. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next leader in trendy home designs.