Executive search consultant

Unless you have a small business that is so small where you can handle every aspect of its operation, you’re going to need to hire employees. This is a category that almost every business finds itself in sooner rather than later. Tech start-ups are often begun by ambitious young people right out of college with big dreams. Some succeed, many don’t. But those who do succeed and thrive recognized early on that smart hires from the top down have been one of the biggest keys to success.

An executive placement agency that can offer consultation on employees for the top positions sets up a foundation for the structure of the company as a whole. Talent acquisition after the high-level executives are put into place becomes a question of talent acquisition management, and human resource staffing becomes a question of fitting the right employees like pieces of the puzzle that are your company’s well-oiled machine.

If you are looking to restructure your company’s plans for hiring new employees, an executive placement agency can help you identify what your exact needs are and put you and your human resources department in the best position to find them.

Every company that hires a staff of any kind knows all that goes into finding the right employees and keeping them on. There is so much time and money spent on new hires and, in the end, that money is lost if the employees cannot be retained. Organizations of all kinds spend more money than they would like finding new employees and getting them trained and acclimated to the workplace. Overall, 57% of companies view employee retention as a problem and a big concern. Attracting the right people for the right positions is a skill that companies all over the world work on year after year. Finding the right executive placement agency that can consult with you on all aspects of your hiring agenda is a great place to begin.

Of all new employees hired, 22% of them will leave within the first 45 days of being hired due to poor performance or temperament issues. This costs companies a great deal of money and is a great testimony to how important it is to hire well. It has been shown that having a structured onboarding program is the best way to keep employees on in the long term. In fact, with a structured onboarding program, 58% of employees are likely to still be with the company that hired them after three years.

In a recent survey by the Robert Half company, 1,400 executives were asked what they thought was the top factor that leads to a poor hire apart from performance issues. Of those executives, 36% answered that the top factor was a poor skills match. The second most common factor was poor performance objectives. Not having the correct skills and not knowing what is expected them are issues of new hires that can be dealt with before the hiring process is concluded, saving you from the expense and disappointment of a bad hire.