No matter what industry you’re in, it’s imperative that you design an accurate, accessible website for your business. When it comes to professionals like lawyers, you need to put extra care and attention into how you present yourself online, taking numerous aesthetic and language detail into account. From navigation bars to past client testimonials, there are countless elements to consider in this process. In this informative video, we’ll take a look at some key things that you can’t afford to leave out of your law firm web design. Let’s get started!

Whether you’re firm has DUI lawyers, securities lawyers, or criminal defense attorneys, it’s important to clearly display on your home page what your legal speciality is. Go into your website designing with a notion that less is more.

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While it’s important to use imagery and videos occasionally, don’t overdo it. An overcrowded website can seem clunky and not reflect the best on your law firm. Next, be sure to include and highlight some shining reviews from past cases. Make it easy for interested parties to contact you by having an easy consultation request form. Don’t forget to link your social media links as well, so that visitors can keep up with your business. To learn more, continue watching this helpful video!