Paid ads

Nearly every shopping experience for new goods or services begins with a search on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for a new appliance and you want to read reviews or comparison shop or you are planning your next vacation, it will start with a click on one of the choices produced by a search engine. If you have goods or services to sell, you want your business to be on that first page of results, because 75% of users will not scroll past that. So if you want your business to be among the results found on that fist page of the nearly 100 billion global searches being conducted monthly, you need a paid search.
Exactly What is a Paid Search?
Try a search right now. it’s okay, just leave this article for a brief moment and type in a product or service you might be interested in purchasing in the near future. Avoid using a brand or company name. Got it. Okay, do you see the links at the top or above a line or in a shaded or colored box? Those are paid search links. If you click on one of these links, the company will be charged for that, and the term used is pay per click or ppc. A company whose link is at the very top will pay the most if you click on it and so on down the list.
How is a Paid Search Link Different from an Ad?
Look back at your results page for the search you just conducted. Over to the right there are likely paid ads for the very same product you just searched for. Unfortunately for these advertisers, 75% to 80% of users are not going to click on those, because studies show they would prefer to click on the organic links their search revealed. In fact 70% of those online users are going to click on an organic link. Companies wanting the most leads for their advertising dollar should consult with a ppc manager to get the most out of social and digital media.
Navigating the digital world is not as hard as it might seem, and ppc consultants can help your business get more than its fair share of the clicks.