Search engines

Digital marketing is increasingly important for companies to understand. Why? On average, people conduct 12 billion searches a month in the U.S. collectively. The search engine has done more than simply replace the phone book — it?s also replaced the various ads in the newspaper, and ads through various other channels. It serves as a unique way to reach out to consumers that can be fairly direct.

So: what exactly do you need to know about internet marketing in order to effectively understand how this whole process works? Here are the facts.

1. High Quality Content Matters

If you?re paying for search engine optimization or social media, what you need to keep in mind is that quality matters in a number of ways. Quality content, for one thing, helps make you appear authoritative. It can also help to give you a necessary bump in Google search results. Google has a number of algorithms that are used to figure out probable quality of content. It?s worth keeping in mind that content quality is partially determined by originality as well, so don?t go duplicating content from other websites — even if it?s something as simple as a product description. You want even this information to be fresh and original.

2. How Can a Company Help With Keyword Rankings?

It?s important to understand the science behind keyword rankings. You actually do not want to rank highly on extremely competitive, generic keywords like ?shoes.? Why? Because a majority of consumers searching for ?shoes? don?t actually want what you?re offering. Say you sell athletic shoes and spend $50,000 ranking number one for the keyword ?shoes? — but half the people clicking only want high heels. You?re essentially throwing ad money at consumers you have very little chance of ever converting. For this reason, a good digital marketing company will direct you to keywords that make sense for your industry and for your budget.

3. How Can a Web Designer Help You?

A great website is great for business. Consider this: a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load will encourage at least 40% of people to navigate away from the page. A web designer can help to make sure you?re not losing visitors simply because of how things look.

Are you going to invest in internet marketing this year? We highly recommend it.