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You have watched your company grow into what it is today. You have watched the customer bases grow, the products increase and new employees be hired on. However, over the last few years your company growth has seemed to stand still. You are doing the same things that you did when you first began, but you are not reaching any new customers. It may be time to launch a creative marketing campaign. Creative marketing campaigns often increase customers and minimally provide awareness to those you market to. These customers may not purchase or become customers immediately, but will often remember the business when they are ready to purchase. How can a company launch a successful marketing campaign to reach new customers?

50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don?t have a plan. If a company wants to launch a marketing campaign that is successful, they will need a plan. A marketing plan is something that is laid out on who the campaign will target, what information will be provided and what the call to action will be. A marketing agency is often a great resource for this type of a campaign and can provide valuable information and resources. Creative content from a creative agency will encourage customers to view or watch your marketing campaign, thus increasing the success of it.

A company launching a marketing campaign should really know who they are targeting. Are they hoping to increase their young adult market or their mother market? Either way, they should know who they are targeting. This will be a part of the planning process and the creation of the campaign, when shaping the campaign around these markets tends to be successful. An Atlanta creative agency and ad agencies are professionals in this area and are able to not only provide specific marketing campaigns toward specific demographics, but can also provide data to back if the marketing campaign was successful or not. For example, many young adults rely on E-mail and texting for communication. An E-mail marketing campaign by a marketing agency could prove to be very successful for this type of a demographic. Only 8% of companies have an E-mail marketing team, despite the fact it is often rated at the platform that delivers the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic.

Other incentives towards customers can also help with increasing customer base. An ad agency might also include coupons, special offers or internet incentives to encourage customers to notice the campaign. A customer that spends more time and attention on a marketing campaign is likely to remember the company and its brand. A marketing agency Atlanta can also help with this type of marketing.

In 2015, more than 180 billion U.S. dollars were spent in advertising in the United States. Advertising and marketing campaigns are very important to growing a business. A business that finds themselves stagnant after growing may benefit greatly from a successful marketing campaign. A marketing agency is a great resource for this type of a company that is looking to run a marketing campaign. They are able to offer many resources and data that will back marketing campaigns. They can also assist with target demographics and creative content.