Modular hydraulic waler system

Two of the major goals of any road or construction project are safety and completion. In fact, many companies now put a guaranteed deadline in with the work bids that they submit. Through the use of aluminum trench shields and other types of shoring for excavation, both large and small construction companies are able to complete projects on time, while also making sure that the workers are safe and the work sites are stable. Trench shoring equipment is, in fact, some of the first processes that are employed on major projects throughout the nation. They are also some some of the last pieces of equipment that are at a site when the work is completed.
Because the type of aluminum trench shield or other trench shoring methods can vary from job to job, many of even the largest contractors rent the equipment that they need. With careful measurements by company and safety engineers, the right kinds of trench shoring methods are measured and ordered long before any other work takes place. While it may seem that many days, weeks, and even months go by before any real work gets started, the reality is that these shoring methods are being put into place so that the work sites are stable and the workers are safe.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the road and bridge projects that are currently underway and those that are needed in the near future to make sure that America remains an easy and safe to travel country:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires safe access and egress to all excavations. these methods include ladders, ramps, steps, or other safe means of exit for employees who work in trench excavations four feet, the same as 1.22 meters, or deeper. These devices must be located within 25 feet, or 7.6 meters, of all workers.
  • Shoring materials are classified into the following three classes on the basis of their supporting characteristics or their position in the space: raking or inclined shores, flying or horizontal shores, and head or vertical shores.
  • Timber and aluminum hydraulic are the two basic types of shoring.
  • The type of soil determines the horizontal to vertical ratio of the benched side of a project and also determines which of the two basic types of benching, simple or multiple, are used.
  • Trench shoring rentals is an industry that is expected to see even more growth as the nation prepares to update the 11% of the bridges in the country that are structurally deficient, in a time when the average age of the 607,380 bridges in American is currently 42 years.

Whether your company is in need of aluminum trench shield products or other types of shoring materials, the most affordable and efficient option is often to rent.