B2b inbound marketing agency

Every business owner wants a great looking website. However, taking matters into your own hands is a time consuming task. Mistakes made in website design can result in sending the wrong message to your customers. One study found that 46 percent of people viewed a business website as the single most important factor for credibility determination of a company. In this post, you will learn three ways that hiring a website design company will help your business.

  • Increase Search Engine Rankings: Having a well designed website is important for customers. A website that looks great is often beneficial for search engine rankings. A business to business website design company will ensure your site is properly optimized. A well optimized website is far more likely to rank well in major search engines.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: A bounce rate is determined by when users leave the website of your business. Having a low bounce rate means that your website works well at hooking readers. On the other hand, a higher bounce rate means that visitors are leaving your website quickly. Recent research shows that 38 percent of people will leave a website if the layout doesn’t look good. Business to business website design services will create a great looking website that customers are sure to love. A website that takes over three seconds to load will likely lose out on 40 percent of its audience during that time.
  • Ensure Website is Mobile Friendly: As you know, nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Search engines have recently begun to see the importance of having a mobile friendly website. A website that is mobile friendly means it displays well on smartphones. A business to business website design company will have a website displaying properly on all mobile devices. Having a website display well on mobile has also been shown to help further boost search engine rankings.
  • In closing, there are several benefits to hiring a business to business website design company. Ranking well in search engines often leads to more customers visiting a website. A website design company will ensure that your bounce rate is as low as possible. These professionals will help to ensure that your website displays properly on mobile devices.