In this video, you will learn about a heat exchanger. There are few different types of heat exchangers used in HVAC installation for both residential and commercial installation. What are heat exchangers? Heat exchange must occur for HVAC to work.

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Conduction, convection, and convention must happen. These energy processes must occur for HVAC to function. An example of this would be the sun. Fluids used in HVAC systems are water and air. An HVAC system will use either air or water to function. Either a coil or plate design will be used when installing an HVAC system. There are also two tubes. Heat is transferred from the hot inner fluid to the outside fluid. Thin plates of metal are convicted onto the plate and conducted through to the other side. The other fluid then carries this away for convection. A heating or cooling coil is extremely common. Water or steam flows inside or outside when heating the air. A transfer of hot energy is conducted by the sidewall. Everything connects from pipes. Duct place heat exchanges use energy without water. It is made from thin sheets of metal and usually, air is used in both processes.