Fire sprinkler system installation is a great option for fire safety. They are specially created with a fire protection system design software to be one of the safest and most effective fire systems. Not only do they work as an alarm, but they work to put out a fire before it has the chance to get out of control.

If you have a sprinkler system in your building, or are considering installing one, you might be curious about how these systems work. After all, in movies they seem to make a big, wet mess and you might be unsure about using one. However, these representations are misleading and you will probably feel better about using this system once you’ve learned how they work.

Heat Detection

The first step in the fire sprinkler process is heat detection. They do not detect smoke, but rather the heat that rises into the air when a fire starts. When this heat reaches the sprinklers in a room, it heats the glycerin filled glass bulb built into the sprinkler head. This glycerin based liquid then heats up, expands, and shatters the glass. This is what triggers the sprinkler to activate.

Individual Disbursement

Due to the way the sprinklers are activated, the water is disbursed individually rather than the entire system going off at once. The sprinkler head has to be heated and the bulb has to break before it will spray water. This means that if a small fire takes place in one part of a room, only a few sprinklers might be triggered. This protects against the massive amounts of water damage a business would face if the entire sprinkler system worked as a single unit.

Putting Out the Fire

Once the bulb breaks and the sprinkler is activated, a valve opens and allows pressurized water to spray down onto the fire. With any luck this will douse the fire before it has a chance to get out of control. Fire protection system design software is used to create systems that disburse the water in such a way that it more effectively douses the fire and keeps it from reigniting.

These systems are a wonderful option for keeping your business safe. Fire sprinkler design companies work to create fire suppression software that will effectively fight fires without causing severe water damage to your building.