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Cloud brokerage services offer end-to-end cloud technology services for businesses and government agencies. From the initial IT infrastructure assessment through design, transition, integration and implementation, to maintenance, they offer multiple cloud products and services. IT services are increasingly delivered by cloud communications. The reliability, lower costs and seamless integration offered by cloud communications make them the preferred choice for data storage and use.

The cloud is here
More than a third or 35% of IT services are already delivered totally, or partly, by cloud. The demand for cloud based services is expected to grow, and more than half or 52% of organizations surveyed said that they planned to update cloud services within the next year. The most important considerations in switching to cloud services were reliability, cited by 43% of customers, followed by cost, for 28%, and the ability to integrate with existing IT structures for 27% of the customers surveyed.

How can the cloud help your organization?
As noted above, lower costs are a major factor in choosing cloud services. The government expects to reduce its data center infrastructure costs by around 30% by switching to the cloud. For 59% of large enterprises, cloud storage improves integration across operations, integrating development and operations. The cloud also helps them share data seamlessly across applications.
As many as 48% of the enterprises surveyed were planning to adopt hybrid cloud services in the near future. Spending on public cloud services is projected to increase from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion in 2016, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

How can cloud brokerage services help your organization?
With all the advantages of cloud services, the market for cloud equipment is projected to reach $79.1 billion by 2018 globally. Cloud consultants can help your organization make the transition to the cloud. Cloud services brokers offer full service solutions from planning to integration with your existing IT services to maintenance. While more and more businesses and government agencies are making the transition to cloud services, they don’t always have the staff on board with the necessary expertise.
Cloud services brokerage is the logical choice since they possess the necessary expertise to integrate and manage your IT services via the cloud. Cloud services brokers will begin with an initial assessment of your IT infrastructure and determine how cloud services can be used conjunction with the current system. Cloud services brokers will work with your existing systems and infrastructure to ensure a smooth transition and seamless integrate of your overall IT services.

With all the advantages of cloud communications, it may be time to contact cloud brokerage services to see what they have to offer your business.