A Look At The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

As any marketing agency can tell you, marketing and the process of advertising has changed greatly in recent years. Because of the widespread usage of various technologies such as smart phones, laptops, and the like, every marketing agency has needed to adapt to this new technological era if they wish to survive. Technology has become […]

Four Reaons to Hire an Ad Agency

Advertisements are key to business success. Globally, businesses are spending 4% more every year on ads, and display ad spending in the United States could grow nearly 20% this year alone. Branding is critical for the growth of any business, and hiring the right ad agency is critical for marketing strategies. Read on for four […]

The Changing Face of Advertising Continually Adjusts to Consumer Trends

This is the week. According to a May 15, 2016, story in The New York Times, this is the week when television show producers and television station owners meet with the world’s largest advertisers. After networks parade their best and top shows for the upcoming season and after the advertisers see the new shows and […]

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