As any marketing agency can tell you, marketing and the process of advertising has changed greatly in recent years. Because of the widespread usage of various technologies such as smart phones, laptops, and the like, every marketing agency has needed to adapt to this new technological era if they wish to survive. Technology has become instrumental to many a marketing agency, and tools like SEO practices (which stands for Search Engine Optimization) have become commonplace.

First off, when it comes to marketing on an online platform, exposure is everything. Having a website that contains information about the company and product that is being advertised is key, and website design is also hugely important. After all, if a website does not load in a span of just a few seconds, the average internet user will click off of it and on to something else. And web design can reinforce the overall trustworthiness of an brand – or reinforce the exact opposite, if it is not a good one or well maintained and easy to navigate. Though vastly more people will visit your website than will become a customer every day – up to ninety seven percent or so of those who visit do not become loyal customers or even customers at all – it is important to get your brand name or company as much exposure as possible, as this is what will generate increased sales and revenue.

An online marketing agency knows the importance of an online search. With the internet now at our fingertips more often than it is not, more than sixty thousand google searches occurring every single second in a single day in the United States, not even accounting for other similar search engine platforms. Because these searches happen so frequently and because there is such a wealth of information already out there, it is important that you, as a marketing agency, are able to get your customer’s name to the top of the list. This can be done through search engine optimization, as briefly mentioned above, which highlights the use of keywords to pop up during routine searches that people are likely to make.

Part of this is not only purely informational content about a brand or a specific product, but the online reviews that are generated for them as well. As the years pass and technology becomes more and more prevalent, online reviews too grow to gain more traction and weight. After all, haven’t you ever looked up a review of a product before you made the final decision to purchase it? Haven’t you looked at ratings of a hotel before you decided to spend money to stay there overnight? Nowadays, we look up reviews for practically everything, from a new mattress to a used clothing site to travel destinations to housing companies. Online reviews are trusted by the vast majority of people – nearly ninety percent of those that were surveyed said that they trusted a typical online review as much as they would a personal recommendation from a family member or friend – and have therefore become a powerful marketing tool.

The content that is created about a brand or a specific product is also important, as this is often the content that is used to inform final decisions made to purchase said product. Content that is more than one thousand words – also called long form content – has been found to have more success and more views than shorter content. And if you have high quality content as well as the adequate link building required (often through the usage of specialized key words relating to the brand or the product), it has been found that google will rank your site higher in its search engine data base, therefore making it more likely to be seen by the average person who is conducting a google search.

The prevalence of the digital marketing agency has become more important than ever before. Technology is now a huge part of our world, and we can’t separating marketing from it any longer. And so we must adapt, and the online marketing agency is how.