All throughout the country, more and more people are becoming concerned by employee retention rates. After all, more than two and a half million people had already left their positions (on a voluntary basis, for that matter) by the time that the June of 2015 had drawn to a closer. And this alone marked a more than 25% climb in the numbers of people leaving their jobs in comparison to the year prior. In the years that have followed us since, job retention rates have continued to look poorly, a symptom of a number of underlying problems, as those working for an HR executive search firm will likely be able to tell you. After all, the field of human resources and the average person working for an HR executive search firm can play a quite critical role indeed in the success that employees have in their new roles.

And as anyone working at an HR executive search firm will likely be able to tell you all too easily, the issue of job retention (or the lack thereof) is certainly one that is quite complex and multi layered indeed. Without the services of your typical HR executive search firm or even outplacement consulting firm, the problem would likely be much worse too. Fortunately, however, there are a number of steps that can certainly be take by companies and places of business all throughout the country, steps that can improve job retention drastically and even reduce the need for services from something like the typical HR executive search firm.

For one thing, supporting the people who work for any given company or place of business is most certainly an absolute must. After all, it is these people who very much keep the business running and there is certainly no doubting that their work is important. However, far too few employees of all types feel adequately supported by their superiors. In fact, according to recently collected research, only about 20% of them actually do, leaving the vast majority to feel less than encourage and guided by those in the positions above them. In order for employee retention rates to improve, this is certainly something that has to change.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard of a fix as many might initially think. Even just the addition of some employee recognition programs can have a staggeringly impressive impact. After all, more than 85% of all companies and places of business to put such programs into play actually found that their overall employee happiness rates improved – and often by a quite considerable amount indeed. Thanks to such jumps in happiness, other things too became possible, such as a considerable improvement not just in the productivity and quantity of employee work, but in the quality of this work as well. All in all, employee recognition programs are one great way that a change can be made.

However, this is certainly far from the only way that employee retention can be greatly and drastically improved. Diversity in the workplace, for instance, is yet another way to do it. Diversity in the workplace is something that far too many people do not understand fully. However, it is something that will end up being quite hugely beneficial all across the board, no doubt about it. And many different kinds of diversity in the workplace can come into play – all leaving a very positive impact, to say the very least.

Consider, for instance, gender diversity in any workplace you might be a part of. Gender diversity has, fortunately, become more and more of the norm in many industries as well as in many individual places of work to boot. Thanks to gender diversity, the typical workplace will actually be able to improve the quality of work that it is putting out by as much as 15%, at least in comparison to similar places of work where gender diversity is not in any way emphasized or viewed as important. And ethnic diversity should be viewed as even more so, as ethnic diversity can actually improve the output of a workplace by as much as a full 35%.