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Social media marketing is a strange, fickle mistress whose formulas for success cannot be divined no matter how hard experts analyze. Despite the Internet being a major part of our culture for the better part of a decade now, no one is really sure what makes something go viral, which means no one can really guarantee that a social media marketing campaign will be successful.

However, if you look at what some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns have done, it’s possible to pick up on the things they did right, just as it’s possible to pick on the things that others did wrong.

Let’s take a look at what some brands have been doing this past year and see if there’s a method to all the madness.

Doritos Crashes the Superbowl.

Frito-Lays may not be a top creative agency, but the brand development strategy they launched for Doritos beat out what many other companies’ brand development strategies were doing at the time of the super bowl. In order to generate engagement, which is the overall goal of social media marketing, the snack food company decided to try a new tactic: user generated content. Fans created their own Doritos ad, and the one with the most likes, shares, and social engagement would get to run during the super bowl.

Samsung’s Hyper-Viral Tweet.

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the 2014 Oscars, was sponsored by Samsung to break the world record of the most re-tweeted tweet. The celebrity-stacked selfie achieved its goal, and became known as the selfie seen around the world. The only trouble was that it didn’t feel like a promotion, and so people weren’t entirely aware of Samsung’s involvement.

Obama’s #Getcovered.

In order to raise awareness for his Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama and his social media marketing team created #Getcovered, which invited Twitter users to share their personal story of finding affordable health insurance through the President’s program. The reason it was so successful was because the social media marketing campaign directly hit its intended demographic — millennials — and earned their support.

Judging from these social media marketing campaigns, it seems that one of the major keys for digital marketing success is to have a clear call to action for users. Doritos wanted people to make videos; Samsung wanted people to retweet the photo; and Obama wanted people to share their story. So if you want your next social media campaign to be successful, it would be wise to find a way to incentivize people to get out and spread the word. See this reference for more: