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Several weeks ago, the clouds of multiple female celebrities were hacked, and the thieves stole dozens of intimate images women had been storing in their private cloud space. Aside from the issue stirring up debate over the way we treat women’s bodies, the leak also led to many people asking, “is it safe to use cloud hosting — or am I just not getting hacked because I’m not famous?”

Here are three few things you can do to make sure your data is safe.

1. Use Two-Step Authentication

Although it can be tempting to only use one authentication step, two-step authentication can help to deter a large number of hackers. There are several techniques that can effectively help hackers guess a password or the answer to a personal question, but it’s difficult for them to overcome a two-step process such as when you use an authentication code on your phone, and a password. Many cloud hosting services that pride themselves on security, such as banks, Gmail, and iCloud, offer two-step authentication.

2. Don’t Use the Same Passwords

It’s probably one of those pieces of advice that everyone would follow if they could, but, it’s hard to remember a thousand passwords, especially when security experts also advise not writing them out in places where people can find them! One way you can circumvent this is to have memory devices for password creation. You could, for example, use the first letter of the website as the start of every password you use — thus ensuring that they are all at least a little different. Or, always make the last part of your password the number of letters in the website’s name. This type of device is hard for others to spot, and can help make sure that all your passwords are unique.

3. Know the Difference Between Device and Cloud Solutions

Mary E. Winstead was another hacked celebrity. According to her, she had removed the photos from her phone a long time ago. It’s worth noting, though, that if you have sensitive information you want to get rid of, deleting it from your phone doesn’t always delete it from your cloud at the same time.

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