Social media for businesses

Did you know that an estimated 70% of all American businesses have a Facebook page? Why wouldn’t they? The social media platform, according to Statistic Brain, has 1.4 billion active users, users who are interested in finding new things and connecting with their favorite brands.

Unfortunately, it’s the rare small business owner that has the time, the money, and the know-how to implement social media for small business success. Finding a reputable social media marketing firm can help, but that’s only if you know what to look for to avoid the bottom of the barrel. That’s where these simple tips for choosing a social media advertising agency come into play.

How to Tell Great Social Media Marketing Firms Apart from the Rest

  • Do They Base Their Efforts on Data?
  • The worst thing any marketing firm can do is try to synthesize an effective marketing campaign based on feeling alone. That applies whether you’re talking about social media, content marketing, or even the fast dying Yellow Pages marketing industry. That said, when you go in for your initial consultation, your marketing firm should be able to show you analytics for your industry and, from those, be able to tell you how they’ll proceed toward a successful campaign.

  • Where Do You Need to Succeed?
  • As Entrepreneur suggests, before choosing a social media marketing firm, you first need to figure out which social media platforms you need to succeed on. Basically, Facebook is the only social media platform that every company should be present on. That’s how big the platform’s reach is. That said, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the rest have very particular demographics. Find out which matches your target audience and then look for a marketing firm with experience finding clients success on those services.

  • Look at Their Content Strategy
  • If you’ve been paying any attention to recent trends in web marketing, you know that “content is king.” That’s exactly why Social Media Today places so much importance in looking at each firm’s content marketing strategies before you begin working with them. Do they offer video services? What’s the quality of their blog content and the content for customers’ blogs like? If the firm doesn’t have a track record for great content, you need to start looking elsewhere.

Do you work for a social media marketing firm? What do you think sets great social media firms apart from the rest? Let us know in the comments below.