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Modern point and shoot digital cameras are a lot more powerful than most people think. With some neat tricks and a bit of practice, anyone can use point and shoot digital cameras to take powerful, evocative shots. Here are just a few of the coolest tricks out there.

Be Fussy About Your Flash.

More often than not, you’re not going to want to use any flash. Most point and shoot digital cameras are designed in such a way that their flashes are placed rather inconveniently. Consequently, pictures come out unevenly lit. Instead, it’s best to either move to a place with more light, or position the subject in a way that uses a location’s light in the best way possible. When there is really no light available, then you might want to use the flash.

Get Close and Personal.

In many pictures, the subject of the picture is too small. When shooting with point and shoot digital cameras, try getting closer. You should also half-press the shutter button before taking your shot. This focuses many modern point and shoot digital cameras, and vastly improves the quality of your pictures.

Stop Sniping Subjects.

If you want to start taking better pictures, then you’re going to have to stop sniping your subjects when you shoot. You need to stop putting them right smack in the middle of your frame. Instead, put them just off center. This creates a more visually dynamic picture. Viewers’ eyes will move around the picture, taking everything in instead of just seeing the subject, and the subject alone.

Online digital camera stores have some pretty amazing point and shoot digital cameras nowadays. If you know how to use one, and practice, practice, practice, you can shoot some almost professional looking shots with these simple, little cameras.
If you know of any other cool tricks or have questions about shooting with point and shoot digital cameras, feel free to share in the comments.