Printing company

If you own a small or medium-sized business, then you probably need some printing done from time to time. But finding the right commercial printing company can be tough, especially if you’re working on a budget — as the vast majority of SMBs are. The answer to this dilemma? Digital printing. Here are five reasons why your SMB can benefit from your working with a digital printing company:

  1. Pricing

    Many people wrongly assume that choosing a digital printing company will be more expensive because it’s a newer, high-tech printing technique. But actually, digital printing can be very affordable for SMBs in particular. That’s because the total price of printing really depends on two things: the setup fee and the price per piece. It’s true that digital printing typically has a higher price per piece than traditional printing methods. But because digital printing is accomplished by printing directly from a digital file, the setup involved is very minimal. So for the small quantities generally needed by SMBs, digital printing is often the most affordable choice.

  2. Turnaround

    Because a digital printing company doesn’t need to do a lot of setup, it will also typically be able to offer a very short turnaround time. If you’re looking for 24 hour printing the day before a major conference, you have a much better chance of getting that from a digital printing company than from a traditional one.

  3. Options

    Commercial digital printing isn’t limited to the small-scale projects you can tackle with your office printer, even though there are some similarities between the respective technologies involved. Digital printing can open up options in terms of large format printing and printing on unusual substrates (that’s the printing term for printing surfaces). You can even ask a local digital printing company about installation of any large-scale projects.

  4. Quality

    It used to be that the major drawback of digital printing was that it provided a much lower quality level than traditional offset lithography. But that’s simply no longer true. Quality will always depend, of course, upon the specific equipment used by the digital printing company in question, but digital printing technology across the board is now considered to be offset’s equal.

  5. Customization

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of going with a digital printing company is that it will be able to offer you customization options on individual prints in ways that simply aren’t possible without digital techniques. That means a digital printing company is definitely the best choice if you’re looking to print something with unique names, addresses, bar codes or anything along those lines.

Do you think you’ll head out and look for a digital printing company in your area? Share your thoughts in the comments.