It is fair to say that today’s world is indeed ac wired world, and electronic devices such as smart phones, PCs and tablets, video game consoles, digital projectors, and more are widely used for both work and entertainment. And while mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones can and often are used with wireless technology, cables such as bulk USB cables, a 100 ft HDMI cable, cat5e cables, and cat6 cable bulk orders are far from obsolete. In some contexts, such as an office or in a person’s house, these cables may in fact be a better option than wireless connections, since too many wireless devices in the same area may result in compromised signals. An office manager may order cat6 cable bulk from wholesalers for office use, and a cat6 cable bulk order will allow many desktop PCs in the office to connect securely and smoothly to the Internet. What can cat6 cable bulk orders do for an office?

Cables for Office Use

Any American business will be home to a number of computers, even smaller businesses, and a large office will certainly have a large number of desktop PCs in it. IT professionals will be tasked with setting up both the hardware and software aspects of those computers, and where hardware is concerned, cables are a major player. For example: ethernet cables. While it is possible for computers to connect to the Internet wirelessly, such as a laptop at a coffee shop, an office will use cat5 or cat6 cables, often the extended version with added length. All those cables allow for secure Internet connections, with data flowing generously through a cat6 cable’s four pairs of copper wires. A computer will have an ethernet cable plugged in, and the cable’s other end will plug right into a router. Such ethernet cables may be threaded discreetly through the office to prevent tripping hazards, and often, offices drill holes in the floor so cables can run through them.

That’s not all. Many offices also have a data server on site, and that means more cables. For those not familiar with data servers, this describes a large collection of computers in a room, with those computers sitting in cabinets while running. Such cabinets will have many holes so that USB cables and other cables can connect them all, and those cables allow all involved PCs to form a single, powerful entity. A data server may have hundreds or even thousands of computers, and they form an entity with vast storage space and bolstered processing speeds. Desktop PCs that employees use will be connected with cables to a data server for a private and secure connection, and all connected PCs can thus easily share file with one another. Connected computers may also enjoy a boost to their processing power.

Cables in the Home

Cat6 cable bulk supplies are necessary for an office, but at home, a person may use just a few cables. For example, some office workers choose to work remotely from home, and that means creating a home office. This is an office space in miniature: the work laptop or PC will have an ethernet cable to plug it into a router for Internet access, and cables may also connect that PC to a printer, scanner, or similar hardware. A strong internet connection is essential so that remote worker can share files with their co-workers and conduct live video chat sessions. That, and access the company’s private Cloud data storage account.

Cables can be used for fun, too. Many Americans like to build a home entertainment system, and this means cable work. An HDMI cable can connect a laptop to an HD digital projector, for example, and plugged-in speakers can help create an entire home entertainment system. HDMI cables can connect a video game console to an HDTV, and ethernet cables can connect that game console to the router for access to online gaming and video streaming services. The only real limit to a home entertainment system is making sure that all devices involved are compatible with each other’s cables, and many electronic devices come with cables in their packaging. Individual cables, such as ethernet and HDMI cables, can be bought separately at electronics stores, too.