One of the most fascinating things about the digital age is the capability to learn and adhere to a new skill, all while being able to maintain the activities you do on a daily basis.

Harnessing the power of the Internet to learn a new skill is just one of the many things helping the programming world to find more potential employees. Its is predicted that more than more than 1 million computer science-based positions will be unfilled in 2020. That leaves the opportunity for wiggle room when it comes to finding new talent. One of the most in-demand skills in more than 40% of all professional roles involves coding/programming to some degree. So why not make the jump and take a course in c++ online training?

Considered to be one of the safest roles in the professional world over the next decade, programming/coding can be picked up in a matter of weeks or months with the learning opportunities available to those willing to put in the time and open to the idea of change. From massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered by colleges universities across the globe to both paid and free online coding bootcamps, the high demand for coders is something to take advantage of now.

Taking a developer bootcamp online can be as easy as doing a little research into what your computer science interests might be:

– Backend (or server-side) development might be a good option for those wanting to learn more about the parts of a website that you don’t see, such as storing and organizing of data and ensuring that everything on the client-side (with the frontend development tasks) will function properly. Some of the most common backend programming languages include Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, C++ language, sql, unix, and more. By taking an online course, such as something in c++ online training, you could be learning how to develop a smartphone app with the help of a java programmer or on-demand learning at your disposal.

– Frontend (or client-side) development is where the style and presentation of any webpage/website comes into play. With languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, it is important to consider if stylistic elements may be a good choice for you. As some of the most simple languages to learn, HTML and CSS have become a high-demand set for frontend programmers specializing in UX (user-experience) or UI (user interface) designs.

So how do you decide what is right for you? Frontend design or backend design? Server side or client side?

Take a look at some of the online coding bootcamps and courses available to the general public if you’re concerned about budget restrictions. Or, if you have some wiggle room, take a look at a tuition-based online coding camp or school. Most will offer tuition-free until you land a job in the tech field, and then you will pay back a certain percentage of your income once you land a job. Considering c++ online training, an sqp programming course, database design, or the basics of frontend web development could present a huge shift in your career. Move from the office chair tallying numbers and figures to designing picture-perfect websites, even from the comfort of your own home!