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Search engine marketing is today’s advertising. With the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and other digital marketing strategies, today’s companies can make sure that their current and potential customers find out about current products and services. A carefully selected SEO company can help your company target digital marketing through the use of social media and other platforms.
Although advertising dollars used to be spent across a blanket area of coverage, today’s digital marketing techniques provide targeted techniques that can be easily monitored and counted. Pay for click providers, for instance, connect their clients to customers, but to not get paid until the marketing techniques are successful.
Search engine marketing is a growing tend that allows businesses of all size to connect with their customers through the use of organic content that focuses on targeted keywords. By generating enough organic content that links back to specific keywords, companies strive to own these words and reap the full benefit of catching the attention of anyone conducting a search within the specified parameters. The search engine marketing process can seem complicated at first, but with an organized, strategic approach, the best SEO providers follow the latest current event trends and land their clients’ websites in the midst of whatever is the most current and popular topics.
Choosing a Digital Maketing Firm Can Help You Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget
Website design companies can help both large and small businesses connect with the most logical customers on any given day, but it is often the organic content and the latest SEO strategies that drive customers to a website in the first place. Consider these statistics about the latest trends in digital and online marketing:

  • Gaining a new customer through an online promotion is a trackable success.
  • Estimates from a Social Media Marketing Industry Report indicate that nearly 66% of marketers cited Facebook as the most important social media platform.
  • The mobile internet penetration will grow to 61.2% worldwide by the year 2018, according to Statista.

  • Networking is the way that business people find new customers and clients, but in today’s digital marketing world, it is important to make sure that your company’s networking extends well beyond meeting one potential customer at a time.
  • Over 100 billion searches are conducted on Google every single month.
  • The term dark social networking refers to user to user connections, and 70% of online referrals come from this source, including messaging applications, email, and private browsing.
  • In a report from SalesForce Marketing Cloud, the research indicates that 83% of customers ?like? or ?love? when a business replies to them on social media.
  • Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts every month receive nearly 3.5 times more traffic when they are compared to companies that publish zero to four posts a month.
  • Estimates indicate that 70% of the links search users click on are organic.
  • Digital marketing depends on clever and current organic content. In fact, 53% of marketers indicate that blog content creation is their number one inbound marketing priority.

Helping you GET NOTICED is the key to every kind of digital marketing. From the latest SEO strategies to the direct email marketing campaigns, it is important to make sure that your message makes it to both current and potential customers.