As anyone working in the field of HR executive search services and other such human resources fields will likely be all too aware of, employee retention rates are quite poor all throughout the country. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim. In fact, this data shows that, in the June of 2015 alone, more than two and a half employees voluntarily left their positions. This marked a significant increase in such from just the year before, an increase of as much as a full 25%. In addition to this, this number of employees leaving their positions has only truly continued to grow in the years that have followed since – and this trend will likely only continue on the longer that we avoid taking steps to rectify the problem, as anyone employed in HR executive search services can tell you.

For anyone in HR executive search services will likely know that there are a number of reasons for such issues to have come into being. For one thing, far too few employees actually feel that they are actively being supported in their place of work. According to recent surveys, a whopping 80% of all employees do NOT feel that they have been readily supported and encouraged to do their best possible work by their superiors. Therefore, they are unlikely to make the effort to do that work, as the motivation is not likely to be there as it is for the one fifth of all employees who feel that they are being supported in all the ways that they need to be.

In part, a lacking employee on boarding process is also to blame. When new employees are not thoroughly trained how to do their jobs, it is far too common to see these employees flounder and even fail when faced with the reality of their work. Simply just incorporating a more thorough employee on boarding process is actually likely to increase the time that the average employee spends at any given company by a truly tremendous amount indeed. The ability for employees to feel fully supported is immensely important and unfortunately is also something that is lacking far too often in today’s working world, especially within this one country.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to fight back against such an issue. For instance, instituting an employee recognition program is likely to go a long way indeed. For more than 85% (around 86%, to be just a bit more exact), simply putting some type of an employee recognition program into place has already increased overall levels of employee happiness. And when employee happiness is higher, so too will employee productivity be. And the overall quality of the work that is being produced is likely to soar as well, something that is certainly very important indeed, to say the very least.

Even just incorporating more diversity into the workplace is actually something that can help to raise overall employee happiness, especially among workers who might fall into a minority group themselves. And incorporating gender diversity in any given workplace is something that will actually improve overall workplace performance by a good amount, allowing such a workplace to outperform other places of work by as much as a full 15%. And ethnically diverse workplaces tend to be even more high performing. As a matter of fact, the average ethnically diverse workplace has been found to outperform other, less diverse workplaces by as much as a full 35%, which is most certainly no small amount by any standards.

Ultimately, HR executive search agencies performing HR executive search services know that job retention is a matter of considerable importance – and concern – here in the United States. Fortunately, HR executive search professionals also know that there are steps that can be taken to mitigate many of these issues and improve overall levels of employee retention, no matter what part of the working world it is that you might be looking at. Ultimately, there is a great deal of hope to be had.