If you work in a big office with a lot of people, odds are you’ve heard company mission statements about time management and using your time wisely while you’re at work.

Believe it for not, even the most efficient companies can sometimes have trouble managing their time, even as the world become more and more technology-based. When it comes to keep track of time across a company’s network, proper network time synchronization with a network time server is essential. Network Time Protocol or NTP is a commonly used algorithm that is able to keep computers and other equipment in sync. For many companies that use a network time server, NTP is quite effective because all the devices synced via NTP are accurate to within a few milliseconds. Since it was first used in 1985, NTP is one of the oldest Internet protocols that’s still currently in use.

So how exactly does NTP work for a big company with lots of tech? Let’s say for example you work for a national company like a bank. That bank has a lot of branch offices and communication and information sharing is essential. NTP time and network time clocks also your device to communicate with other devices, even if the two of them are hundreds, or even thousands of miles apart. NTP networks typically run on Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. UTC is kept accurate by atomic clocks, so that’s what makes NTP so accurate.

As more and more companies rely on servers and the Internet to conduct business, an accurate network time clock is of the utmost importance. They’re important in everyday office life too and PoE (Power over Ethernet) clocks can keep track of office time. With a synchronized network time clock with NTP, companies can conduct their everyday business without fear of running into timing issues.

One of the great advantages of NTP time is that time is the same everywhere, so errors as a result of devices or people being in different time zones are a thing of the past. NTP time also gives companies an extra measure of security. Without accurate time in a network, hackers can easily break in and wreak all kinds of havoc on your network. But with an NTP synchronized network, it makes it a lot harder for unwanted folks to access your system, which can prevent untold amounts damage to your network, especially if you work in a job with high sensitive or classified information.

When it comes to selecting the right time server for your office, that’s where things can get tricky. PoE clocks are great for keeping time inside an office, but some time servers for network use are designed differently. For example, there are some network time servers that sync only with a single machine. Chances are fairly high that the average company needs a server that’s going to serve multiple machines and do efficiently.

Time servers and PoE digital clocks can ensure that your company can conduct its business without countless errors or delays. Above all, it can also ensure that your company’s time in the office and its network is accurate.