Heat is the natural enemy for all electronics. You’ve probably already had it happen to you: a computer or a device becomes too hot and the circuits inside get fried and renders your electronics totally useless. It doesn’t take a hot room or bad weather for data cabinets and other electronics to become too hot. All it takes is poor circulation or even just a bad day for you to lose all your data. Hot aisle containment solutions are the best answer to keep everything safe.

Use Hot Aisle Containment Solutions for Your Data Center

How dangerous is heat when it comes to electronics? Studies indicate that over 65 percent of all IT equipment failures are directly related to poorly maintained or inadequate air conditioning in the server room. A little bit more airflow and all sorts of data could so easily be saved from a total meltdown.

Data centers are the lifeblood of any business. The power density in an average data center is 100 times greater than that of a large, commercial office building. To put that another way, it’s enough to power for 9 small shopping malls or department stores. That’sgoing to generate a whole lot of heat, and that creates a very dangerous situation. Hot aisle containment solutions are the answer to keeping your data center safe.

Hot aisle containment options include various types of server racks and thermal containment systems that are designed to optimize air flow and keep your electronic equipment cooler so that it can run at peak efficiency. You can even find electronic cabinet designs that will hide equipment and electronics to keep the server room attractive. A good server cabinet will keep electronics hidden and still provide plenty of air flow to keep them cool as well. Good hot aisle containment systems can provide you with everything you need both visually and practically.

Do You Need a Containment Center?

Around 80 percent of data centers are already using or are looking into installing hot or cold aisle containment solutions to keep their data storage areas safe and reduce the amount of energy they use. And technology is only growing. In a survey from 2011, more than 38 percent of large companies said they would exceed their IT capacity in 18 months. There are a lot of data centers out there. Is yours at risk this very minute?

To find out if your data center is at risk, go into the server room when the computers in the business are being used. Wait for a busy time of day when there are a lot of people using the computer network. Physically touch the equipment in the room simply by helping your hand on some of the casings. Can you feel the heat? How much heat do you feel? This simple test will give you a good indication of whether or not your data center is experiencing too much heat.

Data Centers and Energy

If you’ve ever been in a server room, you know that you can feel it. The electric hum in the air, the heaviness in the room — you can tell right away that you’re surrounded by a lot of power electronics. Data centers use a lot of energy. Hot aisle containment options are designed to make everything run in a more efficient way. This burns less energy, which in time will reduce the amount you have to pay on your electric bill.

Energy efficiency is more than just a trend these days. It has practically become a requirement, but containment solutions are a perfect way to be more efficient while saving money and keeping all your data safe.