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Effective communication is an important part of running a business. Good communication can be the difference between getting a project done on time, and the ball being dropped. It’s easy, in the age of constant emails and notifications, to assume everyone is on board when this might not actually be the case.

Business managers don’t want to find out at the last minute that a problem that has ballooned into a gigantic headache would have been easily fixable if it had been properly communicated a week ago. How can you improve communication in your company environment? Here are three tips.

1. Enable Workplace Bonding

To an outsider, the quintessential watercooler might look like wasted time. Employees gathering for five minutes, talking instead of working! Yet these brief moments of respite can actually assist workplace communication. Bonding is good for retention, productivity and satisfaction. According to USA Today, it helps give employees a sense of “power and control over their settings.” It also gives them an opportunity to bond with other employees they will need to communicate with while working on business tasks.

2. Cloud Solutions Can Help

There’s a reason that 70% of companies are now switching over at least some of their technologies to cloud. One main benefit of cloud hosting services is the improved communication between the companies that use it. Cloud allows employees to share data, messages, and information more easily, decreasing the opportunity for miscommunication. Cloud computing solutions can be an effective tool for companies looking for ways to better connect employees to each other. As BizJournals suggests, it’s a good idea to keep orders and policies in writing, rather than verbal, since this involves less second-guessing or misremembering.

3. Have Re-Gathering Meetings

It can be easy to get off-track with company policies and rules the longer everyone goes without establishing them in one place, at one time. You institute a new policy regarding press release language — but some people miss out because it’s told person by person, and mistakes occur. An informative meeting can help keep the lines of communication open and keep everyone on board.

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