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When your office first opens, everything is clean, organized, and easy to manage. Over the years though, chaos starts to reign. It’s easy to put down a folder here, a stack of papers there, and plan on dealing with it “later.” Desks become cluttered when no one wants to take the time to organize them.

Studies show that there’s a correlation between productivity — and therefore profit — and clutter in the office. How can you get a cleaner, more organized office? Here are three tips so that you can see better profits, better productivity, and less mismanagement as the result of poor organization.

1. Make Time to Get Organized Each Day

Realistically, how much do you really get done during your first half hour of work while you’re sipping coffee, trying to not hate the morning? Or after you come back from lunch with a full stomach? Rather than giving your desk an intense scrub-down once a year, it can help to take a quick five to 10 minutes each day to organize, clean, and prioritize. This can also give your brain some time to get energized for the tasks ahead. If you are a manager, encourage your employees to keep themselves organized — positively reinforce with compliments to clean desk areas.

2. Use Cloud Computing Solutions

How much time have you spent searching for paper documents in your office — and how much space have you given up for storing them? Approximately 7.5% of all documents end up getting lost or misfiled, which can cost you money. Cloud hosting allows you to store all your data in cloud (the internet), which not only helps you keep better track of information, but reduces the likelihood of misplacing it. This can also be helpful considering that all businesses have an employee turnover rate, and it can be easier for new employees to understand a digitized cloud computing system than someone’s old method of storing thousands of pieces of paper. The majority of businesses using cloud solutions report saving money.

3. Have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Piles

Most of us have unfortunately witnessed a super messy office where stacks of paperwork sit in corners, on desks, on spare tables waiting to be addressed. Take a zero tolerance approach to this happening. One bad bump and you can lose important documents — not to mention it encourages more disorganization.

How could a cloud solution company help you out? Let us know in the comments. Good refereneces.