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Is print dead? It is true that people no longer turn to the phone book for information; many kids don’t even know what a phone book is. Newspapers are no longer read from cover to cover each morning over coffee. Now, newspapers are mostly just used for coupons and paper mache projects. However, in the world of marketing, printed advertising is alive and well.

Over 75% of small businesses say that print communication is a critical part of their marketing strategy. Not to mention that as digital marketing has grown, so has the the availability of digital printing technology. Digital printing technology has evolved so much in recent years that print marketing has become more convenient and cost efficient than ever before. Here are five more reasons that marketing professionals recommend using print marketing to get your brand at the forefront of consumer’s thoughts:

  1. The More Digital Marketing is Used, the More Printed Marketing Matters. As our world trends more towards becoming paperless, the impression made by a piece of paper in hand is that much greater.
  2. Printed Marketing is More Memorable. The online world is so saturated with advertising that consumers are conditioned to tune it out. Their brains automatically ignore the search engine results that are labeled “Ad” and they scroll right past promotional posts on social media without even noticing it. On the other hand, 84% of potential customers say they will remember a brand if they receive a promotional item with the logo on it.
  3. Print Makes a Lasting Impression. While your online ad might generate zero seconds of attention from potential clients, you can be more creative with print marketing and it will be remembered much longer. In example– if you distribute calendars with your logo, most people will hold onto it for the entire twelve months, giving you twelve months of advertising. While a digital advertisement is gone as soon as the consumer scrolls past, a printed advertisement can be set aside and then picked up and looked at again.
  4. Printed Goods Communicate More. With printed marketing, you can establish your brand with the type of paper, textures, fonts, and colors used. Digital printing technology allows you to conveniently print your brand on a wide range of goods that can convey so much more about your business to the client than just the words printed on it.
  5. Commercial Printing Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think. Many small businesses use online marketing only because it seems less expensive than printed marketing. However, print marketing offers a greater return on investment than digital, making it more cost effective in the long run. Studies show that a customer is 30 times more likely to respond to a direct mail advertisement than a digital ad.
    The development of digital printing technology also makes printed goods less expensive than ever before. While mass-produced printed goods are sometimes made with an offset printer that require a plate burned with the image and then stamped onto each product, digital printing technology allows your design to be inexpensively and instantly sent from your computer to the printing company’s printer.

Do you utilize digital printing technology in your business’ marketing strategy? What printed marketing campaigns have been the most effective? Please leave us a comment with your input on the topic!