Wendy hollender

If you have ever seen a beautiful garden, then you may already know that there is a lot more to the art of botany than just knowing what to plant and when to plant it. Certain arrangements, soil allotments, proper treatment over time, and much more are all part of what it takes to turn flowers into art. A botanical artist such as Wendy hollender is someone who has been trained in exactly that; arranging flowers and other plants into stunning art pieces that are both live and even sometimes functional. You could use the work of a botanical artist to turn an herb garden into something that stuns your guests, while delivering tasty garnishes that you can add to your plates. A botanical artist is much more complex than just smaller arrangements, however.

These artists can focus on larger jobs that you may otherwise call a landscaping company to work on. The botanical art design itself could help you to save quite a bit of time if you do choose to work with a landscaping contractor, and the results that you achieve could be much more unique and visually arresting than the work of a landscaper. The botanical artist is someone who can really take the natural elements of plants and their flowers, and turn them into masterpieces. Different art pieces may be better for different seasons and occasions, so if you are interested in using the work of a botanical artist as a gift for a special occasion, be sure to choose those that have a great deal of experience in appropriate selections. You can work closely with an experienced artist to yield some amazing results.

The work of a botanical artist is different from a florist, in that the results will continue to live and bloom. This makes them the ideal choice if you plan to have a wedding at your own home, for example. Regardless, be sure to look at your options in the area when you have a particular need that common landscaping simply cannot address. You may find that working with a botanical artist can be affordable when compared to the long term results, and that he or she could also provide you with quick and easy maintenance tips to keep the work looking great long after it has begun to grow. You may just love the results with the right artist.