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Your new business is struggling.
After initial success with gaining clients for your college scholarship essay writing and test prep service, you are now going on five straight months of no clients.
You know it is not that your services are not in demand. In fact, you know that the test prep industry is growing by leaps and bounds as parents attempt to help their teenagers for the changes in the college entrance exams. The difference is that there are now more companies offering the same services that you and your partner provide.
You also know once parents and their students understand the difference between the personalized instruction that you offer they will likely understand the value you offer. It is difficult, however, to continue to generate new social media interest in your company.
You may be considered a small business, but your financial goals are significant. In an effort to compete with the bigger educational services, you understand that you need to work with companies that provide printing services as well as web design and other internet marketing services.
Although you do not anticipate needing an entirely new webpage platform, you know that you need to upgrade your current one to meet th emost pressing consumer needs. For instance, you know that your site needs to easily and instantly adjust to the size of your users device, including cell phones, laptops, and tablets. You also understand that you need to have a way to post daily organic content to drive interest in your products and services. Although small businesses may have been able to rely on printing services alone in the past, it is important that today’s owner understand the integration of digital services as well.
Print Services Used in Conjunction with Digital Strategies Will Help Drive Customer Attention to Your Company
Whether you are a small town clothing boutique or a educational service in a large city, you still have the same goals. You want to be able to have constant contact with current and potential customers. Through the combined use of printing services and digital platforms, you want to make sure that your customer base gets in the habit of checking your brick and mortar location or your social media posts on a regular basis. You want, in fact, to create the believe that if they do not act immediately they will possibly miss out on the scarce supply of your depleting product or limited schedule for your services. In short, you want to Get Their Attention!

  • Google captured 94% of the worldwide mobile search market share in December 2015. This includes both the smartphone and tablet platforms.
  • Every graphic design decision your company makes is in competition with every other digital design. Make yours stand out!
  • The research indicates that the 10.6 million U.S. jobs in 2007 depended on advertising mail, much of which is generated through contracted printing services.

  • Today, print is one of the largest world industries. It rivals auto-manufacturing and is more than eight times bigger than video games.
  • Half of all B2B and and B2C Web site visits are generated by organic searches. Paid-search drives only amount to 10%; social searches account for 5%.
  • Every one in three smartphone searches were made immediately preceding a store visit.
  • Integrating pay per click and organic search engine optimization efforts results in an average 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profits when compared to isolated or disconnected efforts.
  • Right now is the time to to make the change to a more dynamic digital platform.

  • Any time a user waits for content to load for more than two seconds you risk losing that customer.
  • The constant and predictable posting of organic content generates traffic.
  • The understanding that clicks matter will help you realize the importance of daily posts.
  • End results matter. Are you getting the number of customers that you need?
  • Nearly 44% of website visitors leave a company’s website if there is no phone number or contact information.
  • The decision to make a change in your digital preference is important.
  • Isn’t it time for you requested bids for your printing services?
  • Online marketing is integral to the success of businesses of all sizes.
  • New research indicates that when given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.

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