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Every company needs to make sure that they are investing in database security options. You might think that your company is small and doesn’t have any information to protect yet. This isn’t true. It doesn’t matter whether your database is three pages or three hundred. Having security will make sure that you lower your risk factor. Thinking that you have nothing to protect is exactly what someone can use in order to steal what you do have. Here are just a few things that your company should protect, no matter how big or small, new or established it is.

Product Information
This includes anything like designs, ideas, patent applications, drawings, source codes and plans as well as the products themselves. If someone can rip off your idea before you’ve had a chance to make it your own then you will lose it with no way to prove that it was yours first. Any electronic diaries and journals that even mentioned new ideas should be secured with database security options.

Financial Information
Even if you’ve only made $20 so far, you have financial information that needs cloud data protection or something similar. Your bank account information, the company’s and the client’s are all in your possession now. You would want someone to steal your identity and access all the information that you have. Without sufficient database security tools you are at risk for identity theft. Your financial information will also include market assessments and product pricing which will be of much interest to any competitors.

Customer Information
Besides financial information, you may have other details on your customers or clients. This could include addresses, contact information, social securities and more. Without database security options, you are really leaving yourself wide open to theft and other database security issues.

So, what will happen if you choose not to invest in database security options?

Well, first of all, your customer’s credit card numbers or social security numbers could be stolen. This will place you in a myriad of legal consequences most likely. You will also lose your good reputation and make new customers wary of doing business with you. Your integrity will be compromised because you weren’t able to keep information confidential which will give your competitors a big advantage over you, even if everything else is in line. People would prefer to pay a little more to make sure that their information is going to be kept safe than risk their sensitive details simply to pay a few dollars less.

Secondly, a breach in your security system, could result in a virus or Trojan horse being allowed into your software and computer systems. This could sit for who knows who long without you even noticing. Then, one day, an intruder could get hold of all of your company secrets and sell them to your competitors.

You would also be putting your system in risk of compromise. If there is a Trojan horse in your system, then someone could be changing your accounting records without you even knowing and then your financial status will literally be unknown.

These are all things that you need to keep a good eye on. So, now, what makes a good security system for your company’s software?

  1. A good program will include a designated security officer. This is the one who will be solely responsible for running, updating, coordinating and executing your program. This person will need to come back to your establishment periodically in order to do any installs and upgrades.

  2. Another thing that a good security system will do is to assess the risk potential. This is the only way that the program will know how much it is going to take care of and manage. It will look at the physical data, assess unauthorized access to the information as well as look for intercepting of the data during transit and the potential of that data becoming corrupted.

  3. The policies and procedures need to be in place in order to figure out what to do when the program shows up with one of the risks.

Keep your information safe and you can focus on growing your business and not worrying about something bad happening at any time.