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More and more health care clinics are making the jump to electronic health records to help improve the care they provider to their patients. When the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system is used, the number of medical mistakes that is made is reduced by about 55%. When a CPOE system is used along with a CDS system will lower the rates of medication errors by as much as 86%. There are many benefits of electronic health records. These are some of the main ones.

  1. Information is easier to share. Many people do not just have one personal physician. They see multiple specialists. When the health records and created using electronic methods, doctors and other medical professionals can easily share that data with each other, which is a great way to limit the amount of bad experiences due to drug interactions. One of the main benefits of electronic health records is the ab ability to share electronic medical records instantly. No longer do doctors have to send the information using slower methods that what is offered with electronic health records software. They can just look at the patient records on the computer.
  2. They increase collaboration. Often, medical care providers work with each other people to improve patient care. By being able to transfer data allows the medical care providers to work more effectively and efficiently, which results in better patient care that is shared in real time.
  3. Another one of the benefits of electronic health records is the reduction in the loss of patient information. Data that is stores electronically can be more easily retrieved. Lots of things can happen to paper patients patient records. You can easily look up patient data such as what medications they have been given and what their health history is and immunization records.
  4. Helps health provides cut down on administrative tasks. A significant amount of time and money is spent on handling the administrative duties across the board in the health care industry. By using electronic medical records software a lot of that tedious and time consuming work is eliminated. By reducing the amount of prescriptions that need to be written in a day and cutting down on the paperwork, medical offices can be more productive and spend more time on patient care, which also improves the quality of that care.
  5. They give medical offices more space. Keeping paper health records takes up a lot of space. By converting to using electronic records is one of the best benefits of electronic health records. That frees up all of the space that they can use for other things. This is a great part of using electronic record keeping.
  6. There are programs aimed at lowering the cost of moving to electronic records keeping system. There is no question that there are costs to buying the health software system and then training works on how to us the new technology but the government has several programs that are geared towards helping medical care providers make the leap to using electronic health software. There are programs under both Medicare and Medicaid that help the medical offices afford making the switch to electronic health software programs.
  7. Keeps medical problems with dosages. Doctors have notoriously bad handwriting. It can sometimes be hard for pharmacies and others who need to read the documents that are written by physicians who are often in a hurry to get the job done so they can move on to the next patient. By using electronic health records, medical offices have the documents they need in a way they can read them and provide the patient with better care and produce better outcomes.

One main goal of all medical offices is to give their patients the best possible medical care. One of the main benefits of electronic health records is one way that they can accomplish the goal. Health software makes health care records more secure than paper records which can be stolen or lost. If the office experiences a flood, for example, the entire office can lose access to patient records. This makes using electronic health software a much better way to help patients get and stay healthy.