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The internet has changed the way we live, communicate, find and use information, shop, access movies and music, and even how we get from Point A to point B. Businesses trying to reach new and existing customers must navigate this new reality, because a professional web presence is now an essential. Fortunately, there?s plenty of help and plenty of bright young people, digital natives, who can take over the entire task of maintaining a website, branding, social media and mobile website design tips.

The internet and small businesses
The internet has changed everything. Futurists used to imagine a time in which people could talk to each other face to face across great distances, tap on a screen to get any information they wanted, and tell their devices what music to play. And the computers talked back to them. That future is here now and we?re living that reality.
For small business owners, it?s essential to have a stake in this future. This is where marketing, customer service and directory listings now exist. The simplest way to find your share of this space is by maintaining a professional web presence, that will give your customers, existing and potential ones, all the information they need to decide to do business with you.

Elements of web design
The best online presence for a small business is one that has a clean design and user-friendly functionality. Web design covers many areas, including graphics and interface design, authoring, user experience, content creation, content marketing, and search engine optimization. If your business is an auto shop or a beauty parlor, or a law office, you may feel bewildered by all these terms. That?s why it?s best to leave web design to the professionals, who can offer everything from branding to mobile website design tips.
What is a mobile friendly website, and why does your business need one? The vast majority of people access the internet via mobile devices like tablets, phones and laptops. Websites look and act quite differently on small screens than they do on a large desktop screen. Web users don?t have a lot of time or patience, and if they encounter a website that loads slowly on a mobile device, or is very cumbersome, they will just abandon it and go to a competitor instead.

Mobile website design tips
This is the Information Age, and there?s a reason for the name. As many as 82% of all customers use the internet to find information on local businesses, their products and services, locations and hours. But a site has to be optimized for mobile devices, which means that customers can easily access information and graphics without scrolling up, down or sideways.
Nearly a third of 30% of customers look for nearby restaurants on their mobile phones. And 64% of all tablet users do at least weekly searches for local businesses. As a business owner, you can help your customers by giving them the information they need in an easily accessible fashion.

Professional web services can provide an effective online presence for small businesses, helping them to connect with their customers. They can handle everything from local seo to mobile website design tips, leaving you and your staff free to do the job that you do best.