Power strip surge protector

You still remember the first time that you ever heard of fiber optic cable. You and your husband had just bought your first house and one of the most exciting parts of the purchase was the location of the home, and not just because every realtor emphasizes location, location, location on a sale. The reason you were excited was the news about a recent technology upgrade in the city. Your first house was the first set of homes that the local cable company was going to run fiber optic cable to. The pictures of the bulk fiber optic cable reels were plastered all over the front page of the local papers.
While the installation of bulk fiber optic cable is now common throughout your entire city, you find yourself dealing with the upgrade and replacement of different kinds of cables. When everyone in your family upgraded to new smartphones at Christmas it has been a scramble and a battle to keep everyone happy. In fact, your husband keeps saying that he should have invested in the smart phone accessory market in November before the cable frenzy started!
While it may be the bulk fiber optic cable that was buried in the backyards of the homes in your city that really provide the “digital juice” to all of the televisions, computers, and whole house security systems, smaller cables are often just as important to the average consumer. Consider the following list of popular cellphone accessories:

  • Attachable lens. If you are fed up with the poor quality of the pictures your smartphone built in camera takes, you may want to invest in a lens that will make that handheld smartphone camera seem like a more professional set up.
  • Flexible glass screen protector. Okay, this accessory may not seem as tech savvy as the other cell phone accessories, you are going to need something to protect the screen when you accidentally yank out one of those 10 foot aux cords, flinging your phone to the ground.
  • USB cables. The fact that these cables come in every color under the sun, as well as every length imaginable means that these are even more fun to collect than to use.
  • Smart selfie sticks. This once ridiculed accessory now comes with an HDMI high-speed cable that can allow an external flash or just a really long timed exposure.
  • Waterproof power bank. All of these cables mean that consumers are attaching their phones to more power draining accessories, so a fast charging power bank is an essential accessory.

Smartphones, no matter who they are made by, tend to have a lifespan of about two years. The accessories, include nearly every kind of cord imaginable. For example, an upgrade to one new smartphone involves a new set of cable accessories. A 12 watt USP power adapter allows the new smartphone to fully charge in just under two hours is an essential accessory. A 12-watt tablet charger provides a charge to both phones and tablets in half the time when compared to the previous 5-watt charger.
We live in a connected society. One that connects our homes to fiber optic cables running throughout our cities, and USB cords and cell phone cable accessories running throughout homes. Are you connected?