In the quest to enhance security, new advancements are being made to ensure that becomes a reality. That is why the introduction of body worn cameras for police officers, car dashboard cameras, and efficient police car video systems are setting the pace. This is in a bid to ensure that crimes are, minimized, arrests are made in the right manner, and there is evidence to prove if there were any rights abused during the arrest. The current police body camera statistics show how quickly this new trend is becoming popular. In 2000, at least 3,400(11%) state police officers and highway patrol vehicles had in car cameras. Currently, it is estimated that almost 72% of all state patrol vehicles use in car video streams. Without any doubt, the police body camera statistics prove that law enforcement officers appreciate the advantages of police body cameras and in car camera systems.

However, there is still a debate on whether the police car cameras and police body cameras are a great introduction or not. Of course, they have their advantages and disadvantages. However, technological advancement has to be incorporated when it comes to security. It not all provides insight for how best to enhance security. Still, there is also efficiency to be appreciated from the technological trends coming on board regarding law enforcement. For instance, police body camera benefits cannot be ignored.