C14 male connectors are popularly known for powering equipment in the data center server rack. Usually, these C14 male connectors are used in connecting the network equipment power suppliers and servers to the PDU power strip. So, that ensures a seamless flow of power. You will find them used in test equipment, IT equipment and medical equipment, home appliances, professional food equipment, and power distribution devices. But just like 5 20 outlets, c13 plugs, c14 plug adapters, and c19 c20 power cords, you will need to prioritize quality. This will enable you to have a connector that works effectively.

But is it possible to attach a C14 male power connector to a 2-wire cord? The outright answer is yes. Most people wonder how that can be done. To be honest, it is not a hard procedure. As long as you follow the guidelines, you will do it within the shortest time possible. You will have a circuit that is complete and is working efficiently. But how do you do it? The process is quite simple. You just have to ignore that middle pin on the C14 and proceed to attach your 2 wires of the cord to the right and left pins. That is all that it takes to make that connection. It should not take a lot of your time.