Cloud brokerage services

The amalgamation of service networks we know today as the cloud has equal capacities to help and confuse businesses. Naturally, it is difficult to define something so metaphysical despite the fact that nearly all of us are familiar with cloud-based services like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Whether establishing a new company or simply looking to upgrade existing infrastructure, the cloud is becoming a key component to any 21st century business.

How Cloud Services Help Businesses

There was once a time when companies had to buy, install, and upgrade hardware like servers or computers so businesses could run applications or programs. The cloud eliminates the need for such hardware, as companies can simply utilize the services provided by a could provider; by partnering with a cloud provider, companies can save money and easily upgrade according to their needs. Today, 59% of large businesses use cloud storage to improve the integration between development and operations as users can share data seamlessly across applications.

The Benefit of a Third-Party Cloud Brokerage Service

Cloud services brokers act as intermediaries between cloud service providers and consumers including your business and clients depending on your intended cloud use. Around 60% of companies use the public cloud and 57% use the private cloud; 19% of companies use hybrid cloud services that combine elements of both the private and public cloud. Cloud consultants help businesses find cloud providers based on their unique needs; a private cloud is more secure than the public cloud for instance, so companies that deal with sensitive information may be directed towards the private cloud by cloud brokerage services. By working directly with their clients, cloud brokers can save companies money, secure digital information, and constantly stay connected with the needs of their clients. Contact a cloud broker service today to see the many ways how using the cloud can help your business grow and stay connected.