Mental health billing

As the world becomes increasingly small due to the worldwide web, businesses are forced to adapt in order to survive. Mental health providers likewise need to upgrade in order to meet the diverse demands of today’s world. Since payments, security, and confidential information is handled digitally, there is the potential that those therapists and specialists without professional protection could be compromised. Investing in mental health billing software could be the surest way to help your business thrive in today’s age.

Securing Your Business and Your Patient’s Information

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, up to 24% of reported security breaches were due to laptop theft; this counted towards the highest single cause for such lapses in security. In total, 46% of all breaches resulted from some form of theft or loss and 15% of breaches stemmed from employee abuse. Without the trust of patients, medical health professionals have no chance of surviving in the business. Precious information like patient records should be secured and accessible only by those with proper access; mental health billing software can help protect businesses and patients from such breaches occurring even in the event of theft.

Consider the Financial Needs of Patients

Naturally, the primary function of patient billing software services is to provide the patient with a secure payment option. In 2012, 89% of mental health providers said they were able to offer payment plan options to their patients — a year earlier up to 81% of providers said it took over a month to collect from a patient following a claim adjudication. The payment plans and electronic processing offered through billing software can lead to faster, more secure bill processing; up to 69% of electronic claims are processed within seven days compared to just 29% of paper claims. Patient billing software services give specialists more diverse payment processing options that can help save money; this in turn can help cut down on treatment costs for patients, potentially inspiring the 15% of suffers with mental health issues that cannot afford treatment. Patients turn to therapists to help, therapists turn to mental health billing software companies so they can help their patients even more.