There are still many people who do not understand the concept of nmr Spectroscopy despite the concept being one of the most widely used in the chemical world. In general, nmr Spectroscopy is a process that is used to elucidate the molecular structure by allowing the user to access evidence related to the type, connectivity and number of the constituent components in a molecule. The traditional nmr spectrometer as both the upfield downfield nmr and the low field nmr spectrometer. The upfield downfield nmr and the low field nmr spectrometer applications are different from each other but it is the new benchtop nmr spectrometer that has made a huge difference in electronegativity and chemical shift. With the benchtop spectrometer, it is now possible to have an additional layer of analytical workflow. Whereas the benchtop spectrometers are not entirely to replace the upfield downfield nmr, there are a number of factors that have been associated with them. Below are some of the key benefits of using benchtop nmr spectrometer over the upfield downfield nmr.

When you Need Quantitative Data Fast
One of the key benefits of using the benchtop nmr is when the user needed quantitative data fast especially when using the linear technique. This would involve using the resonances and integrations to determine the absolute or relative ratios of the main components in the solution being tested. Instead of the traditional chromatography methods, using a benchtop nmr can get you the desired results quickly, easily and with precision. The chromatography methods that are an alternative to the benchtop nmr method have been found to consume solvents which makes them somehow inaccurate. It is also worth noting that these methods also take a lot of time before you can get the results meaning that if you need qualitative data fast, then a benchtop nmr should be your ideal choice.

When Your Upfield Downfield NMR is Always in use
If you work in a busy environment, then you probably understand why the upfield downfield nmr is always in use. This constant use however compromises the effectiveness of your nmr spectrometer. After testing, you need to first establish whether the product is clean but when using one upfield downfield nmr, that would mean that there is no time. You can use your benchtop nmr as a replacement to the upfield downfield nmr and use the latter to queue the molecules and carry out additional elucidation of molecules.

You Spend too Much on Outsourcing Analytical Cost
Analytical cost especially outsourced analytical tests are the reasons why some organizations and institutions have to incur cost on a regular basis. This is especially in places where spectrometers are present. The desktop nmr have no maintenance cost meaning that you can significantly save on cost by using the benchtop nmr. You can effectively carry out pre-screening and only incur cost on outsourcing in the event that you are looking to have better characterization.