Wendy hollender

If you have ever wanted to learn how to draw, or had an interest in the botanical arts, Wendy Hollender offers classes and learning materials suitable for beginner through expert level artists. To become a botanical artist does not need to be a painful task. Like learning any skill, time and effort must be invested in order to see results and improve. But time and effort alone are not enough, learning from a botanical artist like wendy hollender is truly the way to advance and learn the techniques they have developed over years of study.

Wendy Hollender and others like her have spent their careers perfecting how to draw beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. Why not learn from the wealth of information they have amassed? Like all visual arts, learning to be a botanical artist consists of careful study of the subject. Fortunately for you, the subjects you have chosen are some of the most pleasurable to look at subjects available.

While it may sound simple to study something before drawing it, there is a distinctly different way of looking at objects in order to capture their form that can be taught, but must be learned in order to create accurate representational works. You also of course must train your hand to behave in a way it may not be able to at first. Lastly, a solid understanding of the very materials you are working with is essential.

Whether you choose to work on canvas, different types of paper, with ink, colored pencils, oil paint, or watercolors, the intricacies of these mediums can only become apparent to you through perseverance and instruction. Wendy hollender offers her own work for sale in addition to learning materials. There are also informational books available by wendy hollender dealing with various uses and ways to grow plants as well as a field guide and wild food cook book.