Off the shelf software vs custom software

Like any business, the digital marketplace is as cut-throat competitive as it has ever been. In order to survive, businesses must have a constantly adaptive model to represent their company, increase their customer lead generation, and make themselves stand out against the over-crowded net. Custom web application development services specialize in building a strong network to help their client’s find fame and success on the world’s largest gathering place for business. Here are the three secrets that custom web application development services use to take their clients above and beyond standard web design.

The Looks

One of the principle benefits of custom software development is the ability for businesses to custom-tailor how their business is presented. Everything from accessibility to aesthetics is dependent on professional-quality web design. Three out of every four users admitting judge the credibility of a company based on the design of their website alone; this is the advantage of off the shelf software vs custom software ultimately — your company’s image relies on this decision as designers are only able to achieve what their software enables them to.

The Function

Poorly designed websites can drive anybody nuts; this task can be made even harder for those websites that lack modern mobile compatibility. One out of every three Americans own a tablet or E-reader and most smartphone owners regularly accessing the net from their mobile devices — those businesses that fail to upgrade their website compatibility are missing out on a very significant portion of the online community. Furthermore, slow and under-optimized websites that take more than three seconds to load lose roughly 40% of would-be viewers. Updating is a natural part of the website design process; those who neglect to update simply give up on that process.

The Traffic

A business is nothing without its customers; so too is a website nothing without viewership. Directing traffic to your website can be done in a number of ways, the most significant of which is networking. Social media websites and blogs are ideal places for a business to directly interact with and inform customers of the company, the products, and the people behind the industry — studies show that companies with active blogs that post 21-50 times each month see an average 45% increase in web traffic occurrence. Building your digital brand is a constant project; web development services can help the project live on.