An incredible amount of data is created and exchanged on a daily basis. It’s surprising to note, however, that only a small percentage of this data is actually analyzed. According to recent figures, this amounts to even less than 0.5%. While there are a variety of reasons for this, solutions are being addressed and are available in many situations.

Predictions indicate, for example, that every person in the world will have approximately 1.7 megabytes of new data created for them by 2020. In order for businesses and other enterprises to manage and utilize this data, information solutions need to be applied. Furthermore, given this increase in data, there are more opportunities for cybersecurity issues to arise.

The Growing Need for Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity has been a concern for decades, and it continues to be an issue for many businesses, organizations, and government offices. The damage caused by cyber crime is significant. In addition to adversely affecting a variety of industries, it also negatively impacts the lives of private citizens and their families.

Due to the ongoing threat of cyber crime, experts predict that between 2017 to 2021, spending on cybersecurity will be more than $1 trillion. By 2021, it’s been predicted that the damage caused by these cybersecurity breaches will amount to $6 trillion.

Learn More About Information Technology Solutions

If your business doesn’t have IT services, you may be interested in learning more about how managed IT can make a difference. Retailers, for example, can increase their margins by 60%. Research shows that when there is just a ten percent increase in data accessibility, it can substantially increase a company’s net income. Using a standard Fortune 100 company by way of example, this could amount to more than $65 million in additional net profits.

Other types of businesses can also benefit from streamlining their overall operations with a variety of IT support services. In addition to dedicated server hosting, other available information technology solutions include security management along with data backup and recovery services. It’s important to note that ongoing IT support is also recommended to assist your business. When you contact your local IT services company to schedule a consultation, you can obtain more detailed information on the various services available.