NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance is a process utilizing strong magnetic fields. As these magnetic fields are moved, they emit what is known as nuclear magnetic resonance. It was Felix Block and Edward Purcell who would first demonstrate the power of nuclear magnetic resonance in 1946. Six years later, these men would win a Nobel Prize for their combined efforts. Since this time, nuclear magnetic resonance continues to remain one of the most useful analytical methods for chemists. In this post, you’ll learn why three important industries regularly utilizing process NMR.

  1. Petroleum Industries

    Process NMR is commonly used in the petroleum industry. While there are many NMR applications, this industry primarily uses this process to detect for the presence of ethanol in gasoline. Blending ethanol into gasoline has several advantages. One of these is that ethanol increases fuel’s octane rating. Ethanol is also frequently included in gasoline to include more sources of renewable energy.
  2. Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers

    Many alcoholic beverage manufacturers utilize process NMR. You’ve likely heard of spirits containing certain amounts of alcohol, otherwise known as their proof content. For instance, an alcoholic beverage labeled 100 proof contains 50% alcohol. On the other hand, a beverage labeled 80 proof contains 40% alcohol. In order to determine a beverage’s alcohol content, chemists utilize process NMR.
  3. Pharmaceutical Testing

    Chemists around the world work to discover new drugs. These discoveries can help make a company millions while improving the lives of others. For good reason, there are many tests that must be conducted on a potential medication. These tests often involve recording various measures that could cause a medication to undergo a change in substance. Therefore, it’s imperative that process NMR is utilized in order to detect and report any medication changes.

In closing, there are several major industries utilizing the power of nuclear magnetic resonance. Therefore, many companies are looking for an NMR for sale. If you’re needing these devices, ensure that you’re purchasing these supplies from a reliable supplier. Portable NMR devices are also popular. However, this depends on your working conditions. Whether you’re in need of a low field or benchtop NMR, it’s always important to order from professionals.